EKOMILO notebook

Vegan veneer with the addition of apple residue, which is environmentally friendly natural alternative to traditional materials. Ecomilo is used to make natural waste from apples generated in the food industry during production fruit juices.

  • possibility to emphasize the ecological character of Ekomilo by adding GrowbookTM Apple with apple seeds
  • material with a matte finish with dark particles
  • possibility of marking by embossing
  • UV printing or decorative sewing
  • available in 4 colors: red, green, gray, navy blue
  • reserved for one-piece covers
  • ECO II price group

Paper sheets types available:

  • Medium format (130x209 mm) 96 sheets
    • recycled paper, lined (FSC certificate)
    • white paper, squared
    • white paper, lined
    • white paper, blank
    • ivory paper, lined
    • ivory paper, dotted
  • B5 format (block 169x240 mm), 96 sheets,
    • recycled paper, lined (FSC certificate)