FSC® Certification

Our calendars are FSC® certified. By choosing products bearing this mark, you can be assured that the paper used in the production process comes from certified sources and reliable suppliers. This ensures that the wood is harvested with respect for the ecosystem balance, and the paper produced is processed based on a certified supply chain.


Eco-Friendly Notebooks Made from Recycled Paper

The eco-friendly notebook line is printed on Nautilus® Classic paper, made from 100% post-consumer waste. The paper has received Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel, and FSC® certifications, ensuring that the materials used are sourced responsibly. It is a high-quality, eco-friendly alternative to traditional offset papers and is also recyclable.

The notebooks are available in two sizes: medium and B5.


Growbook™ Calendars and Notebooks

Bestselling calendars and notebooks with seeds embedded in the cover or tag. Choose from five versions: Growbook Pine (pine seeds), Growbook FieldFlowers (honey-bearing wildflower seeds), Growbook Forgetmenot (forget-me-not seeds), Growbook Apple (apple seeds), Growbook Cereals (grain seeds).

The Growbook™ series offers eco-friendly, functional, and original promotional gifts available in a wide range of colors and formats. Choose a Growbook™ calendar and enhance your company's image!


Produced in Poland

Genela calendars and notebooks are made in Poland. We offer high-quality products backed by years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

By choosing our products, you support Polish design and innovation, motivating us to continue growing!